Its oleic acid rate is lower than 0.8, and it is an olive oil that you can consume mostly in salads, breakfast and vegetable dishes. No additives are used in the production process, and it is produced mostly from pinkish olives under today's modern and hygienic conditions. Olive oil, filtered through a paper filter, is cleaned of its pulp and ready to be served on your table. It is a slightly burning olive oil where you can feel the scent of calla and artichoke.


Warning and conditions of use:

Consumption period is 24 months from the date of filling, maintaining its quality.

Store in a dark and cool environment away from sunlight.

Avoid prolonged contact with air.

Do not allow soap, disinfectant or any chemical near it. Olive oil will absorb the odor very quickly and the quality of the oil will deteriorate.

Olive Oil
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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